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Vitamin C Serum Concentrate 60ml
Arthur Lawrence Nutritional Skin Care

Vitamin C Serum Concentrate 60ml

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Arthur Lawrence Vitamin C Serum - Concentrate
The most effective form of Vitamin C in a unique stable concentrate
As in all our products, all actives are involved with the bodies biochemistry and occur naturally in the body as part of normal metabolism.
Vitamin C in a very concentrated form at the most effective for delivery and value.
The formulations cofactors assist in effective delivery of the actives.
The formulation is remarkably stable., unlike other formulations.
The serum can be used as a stand alone product and behaves synergistically with other products in the range. The Serum range has been developed for this purpose specifically.
As is well documented, Vitamin C in the form of Ascorbic acid or specifically the ascorbate ion, is involved with a multitude of functions in the biology of the skin including the production of Collagen and the speeding of wound repair. In order to take advantage of this, many companies for many years now have sold Vitamin C based products. The Sodium or mineral form of Vitamin C is the form utilised within the cell. There are many studies that have demonstrated the importance of the sodium form in metabolic functions.
There are 5 main issues with the vitamin C products that are produced currently;
1. The products are not stable and are often supplied already oxidised and their potency reduced. 

2. The type of Vitamin C used is not the bio active form and therefore not very effective in arriving where it is needed. 

3. The products challenge the skin resulting in irritation and allergy like reactions, that are well documented on the online forums. 

4. The penetrating ability of the product is in question. 

5. Many of the other ingredients used have no place in the bodies biology and reports of 
major skin irritation are common. 

After much research and development, we have addressed each these challenges and now can offer a remarkably concentrated stable Vitamin C formula, the Arthur Lawrence - Nutritional Skin Care Vitamin C Serum - Concentrate. All ingredients used serve the skins biochemistry; we use the bioactive form of ascorbic acid and co factors that assist in effective delivery and activity, a pure solution free of fillers.
Principle actives L-Ascorbic acid
Sodium Ascorbate, PCA/ Sea mineral Complex, 
Hyaluronic Acid Complex,
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Please use after cleansing over still wet skin.
May be used anytime.
 Best used in combination with Day Lotion and Restore Step 1 and Step 2.

There are a few important points to note on the use of the product.
The product is a very concentrated serum with very high amounts of Vitamin C along with Hyaluronic Acid and other moisturising factors.
For best absorption, it is suggested that the product be used on already wet skin after cleansing or that a little water is added to a dose of the product and mixed in the palm of the hand before application. 
Even though this may be an extra step required, it enables us to provide the most stable concentrate available, in an economical form for the user.
 Please use Vitamin C Serum - Concentrate not in the same session as Peptide Complex, as Vitamin C will prevent the Peptides form being active.
We is suggested that Peptide Complex be used on alternate days or sessions for best results.
Also please not that Vitamin C Serum Concentrate will as with the perfecting mask, yellow cotton on contact. The effect is non permanent and can easily be washed out.
Users Reports
Users of the Arthur Lawrence Vitamin C Serum concentrate, are reporting over a 3 week period ;
Better looking skin
A more even skin tone
A plumper more moist appearance
The diminishing of ageing spots and pigmentation on the face, hands and décollage The reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
Please Note
For many years, a product called Cellex C has been sold as a Vitamin C serum. Many copycat products are now also sold utilising the Cellex C original formulae.
We which to note, that our Vitamin C Serum is an entirely new approach to delivering Vitamin C and cofactors to the skin. We do not draw from the Cellex C formulae or any other preexisting formulation. We conclude that we do not recommend the preexisting formulations for the concerns listed above.

Copyright © 2015 Arthur Lawrence. All Rights Reserved.

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