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Dear First Time User,

You may find that my skin care regime is very different to anything that you may have used or seen before. It bears no allegiance to any established skin care regime philosophy; creams, toners, moisturisers etc.

I created these products to be the best skin care available. No compromises have been made in their creation. They contain the highest quality ingredients, in concentrations far exceeding those ever found in commercial skin care products. The ingredients are not only naturally derived from animal free sources, but the actives are endogenous or occur naturally as part of the biochemistry of the body.

The regime has been formulated with a nutritional approach to the care of the skin; cleansing and renewing and serving the biological processes of all life, assimilation, elimination and growth and renewal.

They are designed and formulated to be used as a regime as each biological process and cycle is recognised and served.

When used consistently, remarkable results have been achieved in a very short time.

These products were developed for my friends and loved ones.

I hope you enjoy them.




Arthur Lawrence