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These products are the first of their kind. 
In studying the biological processes involved in health and aging, 
it becomes apparent that the basic principles of all life require three essential processes which operate in a kind of cycle.

Assimilation of Nutrients > Growth and Renewal > Elimination of Wastes 

Ill health is the result of the break down of one or more of these essential processes. These principles apply to all living things.

These principles are not random activity, but exquisitely complex and resilient biochemical processes that are still not completely understood.

Each organism, the body as a whole, and each individual cell utilises 
and requires these principles in order to thrive.

These processes also apply to the skin as a system as to each individual skin cell throughout the life cycle.

Incorporating this knowledge in the creation and formulation of our external regime, we can enhance ones external appearance and  encourage one to consider treating the body as a whole with the same nutritional philosophy.


Bad skin and indeed bad health may be seen as a result of a breakdown in the process of assimilation, elimination and cellular renewal.

The Arthur Lawrence Skin Care regime seeks to restore the skin and body to a balanced state of health by serving the biological processes of;

On a cellular level, The assimilation of nutrients, and the elimination if wastes.

On the systemic level, the shedding of old cells and the development and growth of new.

It is important to recognise that this regime is Active!

Expect Changes first and then expect Results!

When first using the Arthur Lawrence Skin Care Regime, an improvement in skin apearance is often preceded by a "cleansing" period varying in duration from person to person. Initially, these changes may seem a little alarming although mostly, peoples experiences are universally good.

Congested skin may break out a little initially as morbid matter is eliminated from the skin.

Aged or dry skin may appear even dryer as old skin at first contracts and then is shed. Revealing new and healthy skin underneath.

However in a short time, all skin will improve dramatically as it is replaced by younger healthier skin supported by the regime.

These products are unique in their effectiveness for the following reasons;

The active ingredients in these products are the finest available.

They are used in very high proportions in suitable formulations to enable high levels to be transmitted to the skin.

The skin is acknowledged as being a part of the body with nutritional and biological needs.

The regime endeavours to directly address the needs of the skin, paying attention to the biological cycles involved with the skins metabolism.

These cycles involve the assimilation of nutrients, the elimination of wastes and the growth and repair of new skin cells.

All ingredients are included purely to serve the regime. No consideration is given to fashionable appeal or label claims.

All ingredients are naturally derived and free of animal origin, most are food grade.

More than "Natural", all actives actually occur within the body naturally.

The products are not coloured or synthetically fragranced in any way.

No fillers or non active ingredients are added.

No animal has suffered in the manufacturing of these products.

Unique Formulations 

Products such as these have never been produced commercially before. Superficially the ingredients may seem similar to other products yet they differ in the following ways;

They are formulated synergistically to specifically serve a function in the biological cycle.

Active ingredients are included in extremely high concentrations whenever more is better and are of the best quality available, naturally derived, free of animal origin and free of petrochemical origin.

Most importantly, they are endogenous or naturally occur within the body as part of healthy biochemistry.

They are formulated to be as available to the skin as possible.

The products are unashamedly "shake before use", as they are not emulsified ( the action of binding oil with water to produce a cream or lotion) enabling actives to be more available to the skin.

They do not contain any unnecessary ingredients, no fillers, binders, fragrance ore mere cosmetic ingredients to artificially enhance products appearance.

These products are unusual in the fact that they are mostly free of oils.

Note on Oils and Creams

The "oils and creams" theory of skin care suggests that products should contain a considerable proportion of oils and waxes
 to create a sort of artificial sebum to hold moisture in the skin. However this theory ignores one fact

Moisture is water not oil !

Applying oil or cream to the skin, provides a sensual impression of a lack of dryness and gives a smoother softer feel artificially and temporarily.

The physiological moisture retaining ability of the skin however remains the same.

Dry skin under the cream or oil will still be dry!
Increasing natural moisturising factors in the skin to youthful levels, will physiologically improve the skins moisture retaining ability.

Remember that the body does not produce sebum before puberty yet young skin is noted for its perfection.

All of these skin care products are unique. They have been created to fulfill a need that was not being met anywhere else.

We are continuing to be devoted to creating and supplying innovative products that are the best available.