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About us

We have been formulating, manufacturing and providing the Arthur Lawrence Nutritional Skin Care range for the last 30 years.

My obsession began with an interest in studying the science of health and life extension.

I formulated supplements and researched diet in order to improve both quality of life and longevity. It soon became apparent that people place much importance on the external appearance and this was served by an industry that although huge by monetary standards, had very little true innovation with products based on formulations that had changed little in hundreds of years.  None addressed the skins health from a holistic biological and nutritional  perspective.

I began formulating Skin Care products from a unique and original perspective. I abandoned all of the ingredients and methods available at the time and used food grade and nutritional ingredients exclusively in non emulsified solutions with biovectors to enable the actives to best be delivered to the skin.

It was not long before I had a small enthusiastic band of users who were giving me wonderful feedback.

My first clients were celebrities in the music man film industry, who had an extra incentive to look this best. 

It was shortly after this time that I finally resolved to just manufacture and formulate for my skin care range exclusively so that I would never have to compromise my work and could best provide service and real value to my users.

We do not make extraordinary amounts of money from our business. We are still a small boutique operation and indeed have been happy to keep it this way. We have the ability to sometimes deal with our customers individually. We hope you soon become one of them.
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