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Restore Step 2 50ml
Arthur Lawrence Nutritional Skin Care

Restore Step 2 50ml

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The Restore Regime 
Restore - Part 1, Restore - Part 2 and Peptide Complex 
What is it? 
A simple potent regime, to restore the vital substances found abundant in young healthy skin and lacking in older or prematurely aged skin. 
Why is it important ? 
Our regime to date has excelled in cleansing, hydrating and maintaining cellular turnover, enabling the user to fulfil the potential of the skin they have. With the addition of the Restore products, we have seen an enormous boost in the effectiveness of the whole range. As we age, essential substances naturally occuring in our skin, begin to deplete.
Healthy young skin contains an abundance of these substances, while old or prematurely aged skin contain less or none of these substances.
These substances are also naturally occurring in plant material. 
They found in both hydro or water phases and lipid or oil phases. 
Youthful skin, also has an abundance of signalling messengers called peptides, that tell the skin to constantly heal, renew and build new tissue. These peptides also become less abundant as we age. 
Restore - Part 1, Restore - Part 2 and Peptide Complex were developed to address this fundamental issue. 
They are concentrated serums without llers or non essentials of any kind.
We supply them as separate products so that they may be applied in the correct sequence for thorough absorption and e cacy. 
They have a remarkable e ect on prematurely aged skin, restoring a youthful appearance, texture and feel. You will se both an immediate result, and an accumulative result over many weeks.
The regime was originally developed for the di cult to treat neck the and décolletage and so was found to work extremely well under the eyes, the forehead and indeed any area that needed help. It is now advised to treat the whole face neck and décolletage as a whole.

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