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Arthur Lawrence Nutritional Skin Care

Baby Powder

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Baby powder is used to keep baby free of damp and perspiration, and to provide some protection from chaffing and moisture.

Traditionally Talc has been used for this function, however it has since come to notice, that talc contains a percentage of asbestos.
Talc is now not used in conscious products.

Alternatively, many products use starches from various vegetable sources to fill this function, rice powder, corn starch, arrowroot etc.
We avoid using starches, as they will feed bacteria and fungus.

Our formulation uses ingredients that have been used on the human body for eons.

Rather than simply using kaolin, we have carefully selected and blended in particular  proportions, specific clays, for their ability to both absorb moisture and to provide protection for the skin. We have included a naturally occurring oxide to provide further protection.

These simple and pure ingredients have been blended in specific proportions to provide quick absorption of moisture and ongoing soothing protection.

Use after bathing, after nappy change. Please carefully dispense a little product on to hand before applying. A little goes a long way so avoid creating dust so as to prevent it being inhaled.

Even though the product is safe for external use, no powder should be inhaled.

Adults  benefit from using under arms to help prevent body odour and on feet and between toes to sooth and eliminate damp.

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