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Arthur Lawrence Nutritional Skin Care

Baby Massage Oil

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Many indigenous futures nurture their babies and children by massaging them daily.

It is a wonderful practice good for parent and child.

As massage oil is exposed a large surface area of a child or adult, the purity of the product is very important. Unfortunately, petroleum derived mineral oil is often used for this task. Even so called organic products often contain essential oils that could damage the baby’s metabolism.

The product should free of any possible irritants or preservatives or fragrance, be stable from contamination and rancidity, and be both light but effective in reducing friction on the skin.

We love the many benefits of coconut oil, but find it too thick to use by itself, and so we have managed to create a blend of organic coconut derived oils that provide the ideal combination of both lightness and slip. The food grade organic oils are safe and beneficial to use on skin.

It will provide subtle lubrication without leaving an oily residue.

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