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Absolute Body 250ml
Arthur Lawrence Nutritional Skin Care

Absolute Body 250ml

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Absolute Body is a unque all in one total body treatment, moisturising, smoothing, refining... Suitable for all skin types, ideal for dry or aged skin. The biological requirements of the skin of the body has the same requirements as that of the face, the difference being that body skin is usually thicker and therefore less prone to showing the signs of ageing. Some areas of the body, for instance the shin area, have little or no oil glands. Layers of keratinised cells or dead skin tends to build up on the knees, elbows and feet and to a lesser extend the whole body. The significant AHA Lactic concetration assets in the deriding  process in removing this old layer. This product has been designed to meet these demands. Absolute Body is a non emulsified (shake before use) nutrient and smoothing combination. It has been designed to cover the regime requirements in an all in one product formulated specifically for body skin. Best used in combination with BODY WASH.

After bathing and cleansing with Body Wash, shake and apply evenly over the body paying attention to knees ankles elbows décolletage and the backs of the hands. Allow a few minutes for absorption.

- Non emulsified.

- High concentration of Moisturising Factors.

- Very effective AHA (Lactic Acid) formulation.

- Easily absorbed. Absolute Body like Day Lotion, has an oil phase and a water phase.

They are unemulsified to ensure that the ingredients are delivered to your skin in the correct way.

The water phase has a broad range of water soluable Vitamins and nutritional actives including our Natural Moisturising Complex and fresh total Aloe Vera Leaf and Skin extract plus a significant dose of Lactic Acid to assist in the shedding of old dead skin.


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